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Our Story




  • Founder of accessories startup Braided Babes Club & solopreneur 
  • Festival braids stylist for hire 
  • Seattle portrait photographer for hire 
  • Blogs Instagram growth, digital marketing, and content creation. 

Why Braided Babes Club? The name comes from "braiding hair" "boss babe" and "club". 

Braiding Hair: I am a braid enthusiast because to me it's like Art, but using hair as a medium. And I watch a lot of Chinese dramas where my initial hair inspirations came from, but that's a story for another time. 

Boss Babe: I look up to female inspirations - most of whom cultivated their own businesses or create incredible video content on Youtube. I want to be more integrated in this community of content creators, therefore I included the "Babe" in the brand name. 

Club: Where do I fit in? That is a question that has plagued me throughout my life, but interestingly enough, more after college than in high school. I want to create a community of driven-women who support each other's dreams whether big or small. 

Through the Braided Babes Club beauty brand, I hope to make your lives easier by focusing on curating incredible accessories and Festival Ready boxes for the festival goer. 

Cady's goal is to remind women that she is a queen, and she doesn't need to search far to find her crown.