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AFTER COLLEGE: 10 Post-College Graduate Feels

In life, we go through so many phases. Arguably one of the bigger ones in your younger years will be the moment you graduate. You embark on what adults misleadingly call, "the real world". Was I not living in the real world all these years?!? I'm about to address your biggest crisis in your 20s: 

When you finally start to question your purpose in life. By the time you graduate, you might start to question a lot of things simply because 1) you're no longer stressing about the next exam 2) society aka your parents expect more from you now:

Why do I feel like when I finally have the financial freedom from my parents, that I start to censor and limit myself willingly? Is it weird that I'm not really using the major that I spent four years in classes for? Why do I feel dejavu every time Sunday comes around? Am I even qualified enough to *do that*? 


So knowing the exhausting process just to get a piece of paper "congrats, you graduated, no guarantee of a job though"... what's next? 

Well long story short, here's a summary of how I felt in the 365 days since college graduation: 

  1. You are put on the fast-track to adulthood. You even pretend that you were well-versed in the art of adulting sometimes so that your peers don't realize how naive you really were. Hey, fake it til you make it right?  
  2. A week goes by in a blink of an eye. 
  3. Most of your friends are either partying every Friday night with drinks or hitting the dance floor. Feels like an extension of college social life, except with older people. 
  4. The other group of friends are busying hanging out with their S.O. making fancy meals together or playing board games. No matter what your friends are doing, you may feel FOMO on any given week you aren't doing just that. 
  5. You start to network more naturally and willingly. It used to come to you but now you start to search for it. 
  6. You start to embrace online dating more readily than before when all the guys you met were IRL on campus. 
  7. You get tired of swiping on dating apps, and go back to meeting men IRL and then find out it's not as hard as you once thought because everyone's on the same boat.
  8. You develop a split-personality between your work-self and your life-self. 
  9. You reach out to college friends more. Or just reach out in general because you need to feel that connection again. 
  10. You accept #adulting as a normal thing, but still dreading having to pay those rent bills every month. 

The hardest thing to accept is that...

the only person limiting you is yourself sometimes. 

Thanks for reading,


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