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November's Theme: #RaverBabe, what's the story behind the theme?

Dare to rise above expectations, dare to dream big, and dare to stand out.
November's theme for Braided Babes Club is #RaverBabe. What's the story?
Unicorn pastel colors.
Henna tattoos.
Boho fashion.
Glitter glitter everywhere. 
This accessory is inspired by the fun energy at music festivals. I want to capture the good vibes and the pastels. I'm deeply inspired by the energy and free-spiritedness of events like Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Freaknight, and Tomorrowland. 
And, oh of course! The quintessential "boxer braids" at festivals. I personally love creating braided looks such as these. In fact, as a traveling hair artist, I've been requested a number of times to create these looks for ladies who were about to head to freak night and paradiso. 
I bet you are wondering, what about the hair accessory? For starters, we knew that it had to represent something about raves.
When we discovered a local Portland-based vendor on Easy, we knew we hit jackpot. She was making handdyed clip-in extensions.... unicorn and mermaid colors! Here's all the reasons we had to include it in this month's offerings (by the way, November is also our launch month!):
  1. 100% human Remi hair extensions
  3. Local, based in Portland OR
  4. colored and curled by a professional hairstylist
  5. smells wonderful & sparkled 
  6. Not to mention this vendor was super easy to work with
Thanks for reading the story behind our first theme for Braided Babes Club.
Hope you enjoyed the thought and effort we took to craft these monthly goodies for our subscribers.
Please, we'd love to invite you to try our monthly Braided Babes bag! Promise you'll love it. 

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