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December's Theme #Empress: what's the story behind the theme?

Dare to rise above expectations, dare to dream big, and dare to stand out.
December's theme for Braided Babes Club is #Empress. This accessory is inspired by the legendary women in history who fought against all odds. In Chinese ancient series, the palace royals wore elaborate braided hairstyles, silks, gold headpieces, jewels, and peonies. 
One fateful day at the age of seven, I was unwittingly introduced to the world of Chinese Dramas, the beginning of my tv addiction. From the boxes left in the garage, I picked up a title. It was about switched princesses in the Qing dynasty China. While it's true that feminism wasn't exactly on the forefront of media until quite recently in history, you might be surprised to learn the stories of legendary #GirlBosses of history, some that you never even heard about. 
Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I of England.... and wait, Empress Wu of Tang China, Empress Ki, Zhen Huan? Empress Wu reigned during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) and was one of the most effective and controversial monarchs in China's history. Her story is so famous in China that several TV serials of her story were made within the last two decades. There is no doubt that these women were fierce and relentless in the pursuit of their goals. 
While watching these series, I couldn't help but notice the elaborate braided hairstyles and gorgeous hairpieces that adorned these royal women. As they rise in power and influence, it seems like their headpiece becomes more elaborate as well: 
And this:
So back to Braided Babes Club! Don't worry, you won't find 10lbs golden headpieces in our monthly bag anytime soon... 
The goal is to curate wearable pieces that adds oomph to your crown. 
"Your hair is the crown that you never take off"
We wanted to create an accessory inspired by ancient hairstyles of royalty for a long time, so this one is a dream come true. We take inspiration from all the golden jewelry, rhinestones, embroidery, and flowers to create an accessory that you'd be proud of wearing.  
We invite you to join our accessories club TODAY to get 10% off your first month (And.. to get in on this month's awesome theme before it's too late!). 

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